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We are so happy to have the National Wildlife Federation share some great information about a very special opportunity for a family to spend some time together during the Great American Backyard Campout!
We hope you enjoy!
Inspire your sense of adventure! On Saturday, June 28th, join National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and support Great Outdoors Month by opening the door and sleeping under the stars. Great American Backyard Campout is a virtual fundraising event that raises funds and awareness around the benefits of camping as a way to connect people with nature.
Registration is free—making it easy for you and your family to embrace an active, healthy outdoor lifestyle.  Sign up at and start fundraising today to earn fun prizes—we even have a grand prize that will be awarded to the top fundraiser!

Last year, over 175,000 Americans participated in this nationwide event. Think how good you’ll feel giving your children the benefits of spending more time outdoors, providing them with memories to last a lifetime while supporting National Wildlife Federation.

These testimonials from our campers say it all:

“This is a wonderful program for getting kids excited about
the outdoors and encouraging more people to try camping.”

“Just in time for my son’s birthday. What a great idea
to get kids engaged with the outdoors!”

“Thank you so much for putting this on; I had wanted to do it with my kids and this gave me a great motivation to do it.”