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The Blind Side is a great motivational film about Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. This DVD can be shown in a Psychology / Sociology class. I use with a senior elective class, Sports in Society.
Below are some teacher notes that might be useful.

The Blind Side

The Importance of the Blind Side: Opening scene: Joe Theisman and Lawrence Taylor. Explanation of the importance of the ‘Blind Side.” The need to protect the blind side of the quarterback elevated the status and pay of the left tackle in the NFL.
The Set-up – Michael’s interview with social worker “Do you know why you are here?” Goes back to 2 years earlier.
Meeting the Coach – Could “they” get in  – Steve and “Big Mike?” Mike sleeps on my couch from time to time. His mom has a problem with the crack pipe. Big Tony and Big Mike.
The Admission How bad could it be? He has a measured IQ of 80. His GPA starts with a zero – GPA 0.6 He is a brave kid. Forget sports – Christian – you don’t admit Michael Oher because it is sports, you admit him because it is the right thing to do.
Entering School – “Can I leave now?” “He did not answer any questions and drew a picture on the back.”
Teachers Room – The letter.  “I have never done homework in my life. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I look and I see White This is not Michael Oher.” He entitled it “White Walls.”
Title IX  – “It’s girls’ volleyball – you did not miss anything.”

Father’s Death – School official “He passed away. That man was your father…. I am really sorry son.”
Big Mike’s Not Stupid! – Teacher tests Big Mike orally and he does well. Public transportation. Washing clothes – uses woman’s dryer.
“I am going to the gym.” – “I am going to the gym because it is warm.” “Do you have anywhere to stay?” Come on – the Tuohys take him home to stay for the night.
“Shall we say grace?” “Do you like to shop? Tomorrow I gonna show you how.” Check the score – the importance of sports even on Holidays.
“I don’t like being called Big Mike!” – “I will call you Michael.”
“Stay in the car!” Going to the mother’s house. Notice of eviction / No trespassing.  “She wasn’t home. Probably moved to a nicer place. “
“I’ve never had one before… A bed.”
“It seems like you should give it away.” – Comment about the extra food from Touey’s 85 restaurants. “Is that why Mr. Touey never goes to work?” Grades have improved enough for spring football in March.
“Marcus. He is my brother.” “We would like to meet him.” I do not know where he stays.
Ferdinand the Bull – Ms. Touey reading to SJ and Michael.
“It’s not like I am going to put it on the Christmas card.” – Your mom routes against Tennessee no matter who they are playing. “Do y’all know there is a colored boy in your Christmas card.”
“Honey, you are changing that boys life.” – No he is changing ours!
“He hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet” – 1st day of spring practice. “He acts like he doesn’t want to hit.”
“I can’t believe I called in all my chips to get him in.” – A coach using influence to make exceptions for talented athletes.
“In our family everyone is an athlete!” SJ and training.
“Mrs. Touey, can you help me get something (driver’s license)?”
“I want to become a legal guardian.” So you would just give him away without telling his mother.
“He’s  a runner.” Miss Oher His dad left a week after he was born. His last name is Williams, can’t even remember who the boys father is.
“Would you like to become part of our family?” I kinda thought I already was.
“I stopped it.” The accident.
“Michael always does better when he sees what he’s doing.”
“You stopped it. The team is your family you have to protect them… no go have some fun.
“All day!… Big black piece of crap!” #66 Trashtalking
“I am Nick Saban….” The recruiting process. Miss Sue. Why the big push? He is in line for a football scholarship.
“I don’t understand it ….yet!” You will get there! I will get you there. Do you trust me?
Home visits – Package deal SJ. We will recruit the both of you! College visits. Sales pitch. The best deal.
“2.52. He did it Sean. He did it!” Michael making the minimum GPA requirements for a scholarship. Courage and Honor Essay.
“Miss Touey if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to speak with Micahel Oher.” Did you know why Coach Cotton received a job after you signed at Ole Miss? The Touey’s are classified as boosters and Miss Sue is an Ole Miss graduate. The allegations of doing so much to ensure that Michael went to Ole Miss. NCAA Investigation.
“Why did you do it? Was it for you or was it for me? That’s what she thinks. Don’t you dare lie to me! I am not stupid.” Was he right? To hell with the NCAA!
“That rich kid league got nothing on the Public School League.” “I got tired of people telling me what to do.”
“Shut up! I will bust a cap in your big fat ass.” – Michael has flashbacks to his childhood and being taken away from his mama after a similar incident.
“When I count to 3, the past is gone and you are in a good place.” Michael’s childhood memories.
“I want you to do whatever you want. It is your decision it is your life”… I will not where that gaudy orange.
“Because it is where my family goes to school. It where my family has always gone to school.”
“Just have fun!” Advice from the Touy’s before dropping him off for college.
“I read a story about a boy from the projects who was killed…..It could have been my son Michael, but it wasn’t. I suppose I have God to thank for that. God and Lawrence Taylor.”
“It could have been anyone.” Inner-city student athlete being killed.
New England Patriots trade pick to Baltimore.
Closing credits very good!