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There are many benefits to hiring a tutor. While classroom instruction is usually best, sometimes having personalized instruction can be the difference between passing and failing. Not everyone thinks tutoring can help them, as they might feel embarrassed they don’t really understand the material, or think they can supplement in-person learning on their own. While it’s possible to press on alone, a tutor really can make a positive difference. If you’ve been hesitant to work with a tutor, the following guide might change your mind. But before we get into the why, let’s break down the different types of tutoring.

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring isn’t only for homework help. While tutors do help students with their homework, they also provide a variety of other services. Tutors work with people of all ages, and can assist with the following learning obstacles:

  • SAT prep
  • Math
  • Reading
  • English as a second language
  • Improving study skills
  • Writing

In addition, you can work with a qualified tutor in person or online. This is especially useful if you’re working full-time or still in school. If cost is an issue, you can shop around and find someone with affordable rates. While some tutors charge by session, others charge by the hour, making it easier to stay within your budget. If other educational costs are preventing you from getting help, you do have options. In addition to getting a bank loan, you could refinance your existing student loans to get some lift with monthly payment expenses. You can use a student loan refinancing calculator to estimate how much your new payment will be so you’re able to create a budget that includes tutoring costs, as well as all monthly expenses.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is now the norm. With more people working from home, and attending school online, it only makes sense that your tutoring is online as well. That’s not to say that in-person sessions aren’t beneficial. Many students thrive when they have human contact. However, being able to access help on your schedule is equally important. Tutors can still successfully master student engagement even virtually. There are also fewer distractions when you attend online help sessions. As such, understanding the material becomes your top priority, without having to filter out background noise or other students asking their questions.

Improved Performance

Getting extra help can also improve your performance. With improved comprehension, you may feel more confident, complete your assessments without struggling, and boost GPA. Another benefit is that your attitude towards learning may change as well. When you’re struggling, it’s natural to not enjoy what you’re doing. The stress of not understanding can be overwhelming. However, once you understand the work, you might even want to do homework. It’ll give you a feeling of accomplishment knowing you mastered tasks you once struggled with. Finally, you’ll also feel more confident with your studies. Instead of dreading school, you may look forward to learning something new. And once that happens, you’ll find yourself having more “I got it!” moments, without feeling like it’s an uphill battle just to sit down and study.