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  1. Bad attitudes will ruin your team. Terry Bradshaw
  2. The best thing you can say about any coach is his players play hard for him. Terry Bradshaw
  3. You’ve got to stand up and do your own battles. My daddy taught me that a long time ago, that you fight your own battles. The only way to shut everybody up is to win. Terry Bradshaw
  4. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid. Terry Bradshaw
  5. As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy… there’s something about winning a Super Bowl. Terry Bradshaw
  6. When Brian told me he grew up in New Mexico, I told him I thought it is cool that people from other countries play football. He corrected me on my geography and agreed to sit down with me anyway. Terry Bradshaw
  7. Bottom line is, if you turn the ball over to a team that isn’t as good, you then have brought them up to your level. Terry Bradshaw
  8. I don’t really care about being accepted now. I wish I had been like that earlier. Terry Bradshaw
  9. I know this golf tournament has my name on it but it’s not about me. It’s about the Louisiana Tech family. There is nothing greater than being a part of the Bulldog family. Terry Bradshaw
  10. I’m not ashamed of who I am. Terry Bradshaw
  11. Everybody handles things differently. Terry Bradshaw