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The Regents Prep website is a great resource for US History teachers. Students (and teachers) can test their knowledge. The questions can be used for reviews, exams & quizzes, or as a test taking skills activity. A teacher may need to make a few adjustments when using the questions with his or her class.
Some of the the questions have already been formatted so all a teacher has to do is cut and paste to use for a class. (The other links will take you directly to the site. We will format the questions in the future, so please check back with us!)
US History teachers can choose from the following topics:
1a         Geography (16 Questions)
2a         Colonial Era (31 Questions)
2b         Formation of Government (161 Questions)
2c         Landmark Supreme Court Cases (36 Questions)
2d         Federalist Era (16 Questions)
2e         Age of Jackson (7 Questions)
2f          Manifest Destiny (16 Questions)
2g         Civil War (21 Questions)
3a         Reconstruction & Southern Redemption (38 Questions)
3b         Closing the West (20 Questions)
3c         Gilded Age (100 Questions)
3d         Granger & Populist Movements (26 Questions)
3e         Immigration (23 Questions)
4a         American Imperialism (28 Questions)
4b         Progressive Movement (70 Questions)
5a         World War One (34 Questions)
5b         Red Scare (6 Questions)
5c         The Roaring 20’s (56 Questions)
5d         Great Depression & New Deal (85 Questions)
6a         World War Two (73 Questions)
6b         Cold War at Home & McCarthyism (30 Questions)
7a         Cold War Foreign Policy (42 Questions)
7b         Civil Rights Movement (46 Questions)
7d         1960’s & The Great Society (20 Questions)
7e         Nixon and Watergate (17 Questions)
7f          Ford & Carter Presidencies (9 Questions)
7g         Reagan & New Federalism (9 Questions)
7h         1990’s & The New World Order (21 Questions)
7i         Current Issues (54 Questions)
8a         Cross Topical (21 Questions)