My name is Victoria Smith, I am a professional fundraiser and a singer/songwriter from Massachusetts. I credit a lot of my talents and life ambition to my teachers. In fact, if I ever happen to win a major award for my music, I would include teachers in my “thank you” speech.
Well, to back up a little…
I grew up in a dysfunctional home environment and school was in many ways the “happy place” for me. I looked forward to school on most days. I can name every elementary, middle, high school and college teacher that I had and I remember the impact each had on my development.
To all the teachers out there, there is at least ONE kid in your class who will take something important away from your class and carry it with them forever. Trust me. I was that kid.
My english teacher who recognized my passion for writing and encouraged me to work even harder at it. My biology teacher who shared his experience in the Peace Corps and inspired me to travel the world, and I did. It was often my teachers who gave me the attention, confidence and recognition that I needed to make progress and to become a good role model and citizen. I could go on…
Teachers are so much more than teachers: they are mentors, inspiration, role models, and the ones who give “the extra nudge” that provides a happy place that the one kid sitting in the back row needs.
It is never to late to thank a teacher. Why not write a “teacher appreciation letter” to the ones who made a significant impact on your life?
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