Here are a few lessons that I have used with a high school Psychology class. Hopefully the lessons are clear and useful to some teachers.
Introduction to High School Psychology Lessons (4)

  1. Psychology Pre-Test
  2. Psychology Day #1: Dead Poet’s Society and a Bucket List!
  3. Write it Forward: Letter of Appreciation
  4. Create a Psychology Class “Hall of Fame”

Learning (11)

  1. What I Have Learned
  2. Psychology Lesson: Classical Conditioning Hopping Activity
  3. Psychology: Video Clips for Teaching Classical Conditioning
  4. The Office and Classical Conditioning
  5. Pavlov’s Dog & Classical Conditioning: Great Video Clip
  6. Little Albert Experiment & Classical Conditioning
  7. Guest Blog: Teaching Classical Conditioning to High School Students
  8. Psychology Lesson: Personal Learning Experiences
  9. Unique Psychology Lesson: Learning How to Catch Quarters
  10. Psychology Lesson: Learned Helplessness
  11. Classical Conditioning Quiz

Memory (5)

  1. Psychology Lesson: Short-Term Memory Test
  2. Psychology Lesson: Short-Term Memory & Telephone Sentences
  3. Psychology Lessons: “Memories of….”
  4. Psychology Lesson: Memory Bank
  5. Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”: Psychology, Songs, & Memories

Thought (3)

  1. Psychology Lesson: A Thinking Quiz
  2. Psychology Lesson: Get U2 on Stage!
  3. Psychology Lesson: Thought “If…..”

Motivation and Emotion (3)

  1. Psychology Lesson: Write it Forward
  2. Psychology Lesson: Great Feedback from Just 1 Letter!
  3. Excellent End of the Year Lesson: Too Busy for a Friend

Sensation and Perception (1)

  1. Is Spelling REALLY important? Read this!

Great Speeches (2)

  1. Dennis Lehane: It’s About Honor
  2. Abraham Lincoln: “I Do the Best I Know How”

Great Books for Psychology (3)

  1. The Last Lecture is a Great Teaching Tool!
  2. 25 Activities for Teachers to Use with The Last Lecture
  3. A Great Teaching Resource: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Great DVDs for Psychology (3)

  1. Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD: A Great Psychology Resource
  2. Psychology DVD: A Child’s Brain: From Syllable to Sound
  3. Pay It Forward: A Great DVD for Teens

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