I would like to thank one of our followers for pointing out a HUGE flaw in our recent blogs about connected educators. This post is a response to the following tweet:
@mytowntutors Please take me off your Twitter list. It’s not just about numbers. Thanks. #edchat
We agree 100% with the criticism of our list. Twitter is NOT about the numbers, it is about building relationships, and that is why we will be following a new order for listing our perfect twitter accounts for educators, reverse alphabetical order.
Initially we posted a blog of 5 educational twitter accounts that received a 100% grade on tweetgrader. The feedback was incredible, so we continued to expand our list. In our “data-driven” society, we decided a logical way to order the accounts would be based on the number of followers from highest to lowest.
The critical tweet reminded us of our original goal – to create a list of quality educator accounts for teachers to follow. We will continue to stay true to our mission of finding quality accounts for educators, however, we will not rank the list based on the number of followers.
For example, why should Bill Nye the science guy be listed #1 simply because he has close to 500,000 followers, when is he is only following 31 accounts? What is the likelihood that he would develop a strong relationship with any of us?
Additionally, when we look at our strongest relationships on twitter, we do not see how many followers there have. We simply value their advice, input, and feedback.
In conclusion, if we have offended anyone, please accept our apologizes. We will continue to seek out 100% perfect twitter accounts, and yes we will list the number of followers, however we WILL NO LONGER rank our list.
We value all the members on the list and appreciate what they have to share and offer with the educational community. Thanks for all your feedback and we will continue to work hard to be a great resource for teachers, educators, and parents.
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