My Town Tutors loves teachers. We know teachers have one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding jobs in America. Each day teachers make a difference in a child’s life. We value the passion, experience, and creativity of teachers.
What is Teacher Tuesdays?
Teacher Tuesdays is an opportunity for teachers to write a guest blog for My Town Tutors. We would like to ask a “guest teacher / educator” to share some words of wisdom about what we feel is the greatest profession. Teachers can share lesson plans, ideas, and experiences.
Any teacher is eligible to be a write a guest blog, simply email to schedule a posting.
The goal is for these guest blogs is to stimulate discussion and raise awareness about the issues relating to teaching. We hope some of the posts will bring a smile to your face and perhaps a tear to your eye. Above all else, we want to let teachers know that there are others who share your passion for teaching and education.
If you are a teacher who blogs or you know someone who might be interested in sharing teaching experiences, please encourage them to write a guest blog for My Town Tutors.
My Town Tutors connects parents with teachers who tutor. Teachers can register for only $12 for a full year. That is the only fee. Teachers keep 100% of their hourly rate.