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My Town  Tutors has a goal to be a great resource for parents and teachers. We have a blog that focuses on topics of interest for both of these groups.
One of our greatest resources for parents and teachers is our guest blogs. Our guest blogs allows us to share the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise of parents, teachers, and others individuals.
We always love sharing great resources. We decided to compile our most viewed blogs for 2013. (December 15, 2012 – December 15, 2013). We are so grateful to all the guest bloggers. We hope to continue to share great ideas in 2014.

  1. Eye Health Problems Kids Face After Excessive iPad Use by @getlenses
  2. Should You Be Using Exit Slips in Your Classroom? by @plnaugle
  3. Teachers: Top 10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing by Genein Letford (@GeneinLetford)
  4. How Reading Affects Your Child’s Success by @Booksforchildrn
  5. Top 10 Things A Student Should Never Say to a Teacher
  6. 4th Grade Teachers Connect via Twitter by @ncarroll24
  7. Can you Child Read Too Much? by @Booksforchildrn
  8. 2 Great Demonstrations for Teaching Digestion by @TeachWithFergy
  9. Aspiring Teacher is “Overwhelmed” By Teachers on Twitter by Maggie Moran (@maggie_moran10)
  10. Middle School Teachers: Join Twitter and #MSchat by @blocht574
  11. Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts by @pragmaticmom
  12. A Whistle-Stop Tour: DCD/Dyspraxia in School-Aged Children by Fiona Peters (@fiona_peters1)
  13. A Mom’s Guide to College and Career Readiness by @edworkspartners
  14. 5 Tips for Looking Great with Skype or Videoconferencing by @1080Group
  15. Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap by @principalpc
  16. Flipping the Classroom to Break Through into Today´s Society by @MayraAixaVillar
  17. Writing Tutors: Great Tips for Tutoring by Maria Rainier
  18. All Kids Can SUCCEED: Be the “1″ by @NormandinBill
  19. Wonderopolis: A Great Resource for Teachers & Parents by @Wonderopolis
  20. Five Fun Resources for Educating Children at Any Age by @Rasmussen
  21. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh! – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! by @TLILanguages
  22. A Day To Make A Difference: Celebrate Literacy With Everyone by @shannonmmiller
  23. Self-Reliance and Independence: Giving Our Teens the Ultimate Gift by @DebraBeck
  24. Taking the Crazy out of School Supply Lists and Teacher Wish Lists by @TeacherLists
  25. The Role of Parents in Academic Achievement by @RaisingAReaderM
  26. Advocate for Teens, But Don’t Serve Up Excuses by @Teen_Whisperer
  27. Sigmund Freud: The “Tip of the Iceberg” by Mariza Tseka of breakforyourbrain.com
  28. Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip? by @CO_MtnMom
  29. Youth Tobacco Education Through Online Tobacco Class by Mike Miller
  30. Ten Things Your Student with Autism wishes You Knew by @EllenNotbohm

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