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The following is a psychology lesson that can be used with a memory unit. It is a great activity for Teacher Appreciation Week.
It is a great activity for people of all ages! Enjoy!

School Memories

School consumes a great deal of our lives and has created many memories.
1. List teachers and babysitters. Include youth and HS coaches. (memory) 5 points
1st Grade:          
2nd Grade:         
3rd Grade         
4th Grade:         
5th Grade:         

6th Grade:         

7th Grade:         

8th Grade:         

9th Grade:         

10th Grade:       

11th Grade:        

12th Grade:       

2. On the back, make 3 columns and list 15 memories for each level – elementary, middle, HS! 12 points
3. Homework (30 minutes over the next 2 days): Look at your school pictures: 1st day of school, class pictures, “official” school pictures, youth sports teams, etc. Many more memories will come to mind. You might see classmates have moved away, remember a class pet or stuffed animal or activity. It is amazing when you start to go down memory lane all the little side streets you will come across.
4. Teacher letter (not due today, but you can complete if you have enough time) Select one of the teachers from your past and write them a thank you letter. Your letter must include: 25 points

  1. Current introduction – who you are, what are your plans, why you are writing (had to select ONE teacher from my 12 years of education.
  2. Memories – write detailed memories of the class and your experiences with the teacher. Try to be as specific as possible. List classmates, activities, and lessons learned.
  3. Sincere closing – Explain how the lessons you have learned from that teacher stay with you today.