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Tis the season for giving and teaching children how wonderful it is to give gifts.  Here are 5 simple activities kids can do to make sentimental gifts for family and friends this weekend:
1.  Take and Print Goofy Digital Photographs.  What kids doesn’t like to take silly pictures!  Capture giggly moments to share with those you love.  Rummage through the closet for old frames you’ve tucked away or make them from cardboard as part of the activity.  You can also buy inexpensive frames at Michael’s, Walgreens and Home Goods.
2.  Make Christmas Tree Ornaments. We just unpacked homemade 3-year-old paper ornaments that my now 8-year-old made, and they are so cute and a reminder of his passion back then: cars.  Have kids draw, color and paint their favorite image, food, activity, movie and more on paper.  Cut out the image.  Poke a hole on top with a hole-puncher and thread with yarn to make a hanger.  Grandparents love these time-type capsule gifts.
3.  Bake Holiday Cookies and Wrap Them in Gorgeous, Glittery Tissue Paper. Everyone loves homemade butter cookies covered in frosting and sprinkles.  Decorate tissue paper with glue and glitter for extra pizzazz and shine!   Wrap cookies in tissue paper and you have a gorgeous gift.  
4.  Pinch Polymer Clay into a Pot. Buy clay that you bake at a craft store like Michael’s.  The colors are vibrant and abundant.  Kids can make pinch and coil pots, beads for bracelets, or anything else their imagination cooks up.
5.  Send a “Happy Holidays” Video.  With just about every smart phone equipped with video, it’s easy to film your kids singing a cheerful carol to grandparents or long distance friends.  Make up new lyrics and sing away.  Email with a personalized video message.
Happy holidays!

Sara Eberle
Host, MommaJam and
95.9-FM WATD MommaJam Correspondent