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Author Bio: Sophia Bruun is a graduate of Vanderbilt class of ’15. Psychology major. Baltimore native. Moved to Boston in May to work with entrepreneur Woody Klemmer (founder, Vanderbilt ’13) and his brother Teddy (operations manager, Vanderbilt ’15) to build GladlyDo – Boston’s premeir odd jobs service. Her role in the company is diverse – from social media marketing (twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, instagram), design (logo, flyers, t-shirts etc), to working with the web developer on building our vision for the full site (launching July 2014), among numerous other tasks. She has always had a love of learning – both inside the classroom and out, and believe that hard work and passion leads to success.
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The capacity to learn is our greatest gift. Without learning, spoken and written languages would not exist. The towns and cities that evolved from our ability to communicate would never have come to be. We would not bask in the same artistic and scientific glory that characterizes our species. Without learning, our brains – the creative engines that drive society forward – would be utterly useless. Human history would dissolve into a muddle of archaic survival tactics, with end results landing far from greatness.

Instead we are blessed with the ability to take in information, acquire new skills, and use our knowledge to bring about positive change. As such, learning comes in many forms, from academia taught inside the classroom, to practical knowledge learned outside of school hours. The process of learning is particularly important in the developing years, from childhood to emerging adulthood, when the brain is in its most plastic form.

From Fall through Spring students and teachers work diligently to achieve at the utmost level of academic greatness. Unfortunately in the Summer half of the school year’s lessons are often forgotten. Our sharpened minds are dulled by the hot summer sun and lazy days at the pool. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, there are many opportunities in the summertime to continue learning. From tutoring to working a job, young people can expand their repertoire of experiences that lead them towards success.

In Boston, there are great tutors at the ready in the summertime, here to help with any lesson your child needs extra help in. Academic achievement has never been so easy.

But how about real world experience? Practical skills? Out of the box learning?

That’s where we, GladlyDo, come in.

GladlyDo hires students and recent graduates to get your to-do’s done. Working for GladlyDo is an incredible opportunity for emerging adults to have a paying job that teaches real-world lessons, from learning to put IKEA furniture together to improving interpersonal communication skills.  As an odd job service, you never know what you’ll be doing. When faced with a challange, you learn to arise to the occasion. You learn how to be professional, gain credibility as a trusted worker, and make connections with your community along the way.

40% of millennials are unemployed. We want to change that. But first and foremost we want to deliver the best odd job concierge service out there. Thus, we have poured time and energy into research and planning, to come out on the other end with a safe and reliable system to deliver our services to greater Boston.

Along with an application form, we require that all employees are referred, interviewed, and background checked. Once a job is completed, clients have the opportunity to review their workers to ensure accountability is upheld.

The goal is to improve everyone’s quality of life – by giving our clients more free time to get stuff done, or to simply relax, while also providing emerging adults with a great learning experience with the added bonus of getting paid.

Remember – just because it is summer does not mean the learning needs to stop! We hope you are as excited as we are about GladlyDo’s potential as a resource for the Boston community – for emerging adults and adults alike.

Please check out our current page (full site launching soon!) to request jobs and find out more about GladlyDo at