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Students can never read too much. For the past few years my psychology students have read a few books in class independently. We read for about 30 minutes 3-4 times a month.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Reading Chart

The Last Lecture: Reading Chart

Coach: Reading Chart

Where’s your Head?: Reading Chart

This year was the 1st year the students provided feedback. I will share the feedback in 3 blogs.

I also did not edit any typos or spelling errors. My class is senior elective consists of a wide range of reading abilities. Some of the students included all the questions in one answer.

The writing prompt questions:

  1. Are you more focused when you read independently or as a class?

  2. Do you have any anxiety about reading out loud in class?

  3. When participating as a class with reading out loud, do you stay with the text when others are reading or do you daydream or read ahead?

Are you more focused when you read independently or as a class?

I am more focused when i read as a class rather than independently.

While reading in school i would rather read on my own like we are for this book. I also like how we only read for 20 minutes. If we read longer i always find myself thinking about other things and not focusing on what i am reading.

I am more focused when i read alone because it gives me more time to concentrate. I dont have to be concerned with keeping up with the classes pace or worrying if I am going to be chosen to read out loud. It also gives me the chance to truly understand the reading and enjoy it. I sometimes read ahead of the class when the pace is to slow for me, or the pace will be to quick. Either way it sets me up to become confused and lose interest in the reading. I also begin to daydream when the other students are reading. But being able to read by myself doesn’t give me the chance to daydream. I am determine to understand what I am reading.

i prefer reading independently because i am more focused and i get bored when we read as a class most times.

I am much more focused when reading independently. I feel like all the possible distractions that lie ahead are simply eliminated, and I don’t feel any sort of pressure, since I am not being called on by anyone.

I am more focused when reading independently in class because I can really grasp and understand the material that is being taught. Also, reading independently allows me to read at my own pace and go back and re-read part that I thought was interesting. I believe the reading independently that I get more out of it and actually comprehend what its talking about and learn new thinking ways, and skills.

I personally would rather read to myself than read in front of the class. There are ups and downs to both sides tho. Some kids may read faster than others so everyone would be in different spots of the book. Reading out loud as a class will make sure that everyone is in the same spot of the book. I think that I am definitely more focused when I read by myself. When others read out loud I am so tempted to just zone out or do something else and not pay attention.

I am more focused when I’m reading independently with with headphones on and my music playing. As a class reads out loud I tend to read ahead because I like going my own pace when I’m reading and when I have to slow down and wait for someone to finish their paragraph I daydream.

I prefer to read quietly and independently but I don’t mind reading collectively as a class. I’m a faster reader when I read on my own, it helps me to stay more on task and not get distracted as easily as I do. When reading as a class sometimes I forget to listen in and don’t listen in to the people reading like I should.

When i read independently, i am more focused.
i am more focused when i read independently. i do not like when we read out loud, i focus more on when i am going to have to read and i do not pay attention to what the other people are reading. Sometimes you can’t understand what the person is saying when they are reading out loud.
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