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Face Exams With Confidence

Exam time.  It is enough to make the best students feel nervous and experience self doubt. In fact, around 90% of teachers and parents report that their students experience anxiety around exam time. As we all know, when you are anxious, it is very tough to perform at your best.
Examinations are designed to test the student’s knowledge on a topic and help understand their strengths and weaknesses. The results of the exams should then be used to improve the education of the student, the class and the school. However, the stakes in these standardized tests has been raised as schools are ranked on performance, teachers are measured and funding can be allocated. Entry exams can be the gatekeeper to opportunities at great schools. Now, these exams carry a huge amount of pressure for the students.
The pressure and consequences of the examinations has led to many students being sent to “Exam Prep” classes that can teach a range of skills they can then use to make sure they apply their knowledge effectively in the exam. However, these classes can be very expensive and are not easily available to all students.
The gap between the opportunities available to wealthier and poorer students has become more pronounced. The top 10% spend around $5,500 per year on their education, whereas the bottom 90% spend just over $1,000 per year. One area where this expenditure gap is clear is in preparing for examinations. In the white-hot competition to gain an advantage in entering high quality schools, parents are seeking out every advantage.
At Exam Elf we want every child to have the skills to be able to face exams with confidence. We have identified 12 key skills that students need to apply their knowledge effectively in an exam, and we teach them in our free app.
We have a dedicated teacher interface for teachers to ensure that their class is well prepared, and a parent interface for parents to understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and to provide encouragement for students.
Exam Elf is now used by thousands of students across the United States in preparing for their exams. We support both the Common Core State Standards and the TEKS Texas State Standards.
Exam Elf is a fun way for students to learn the skills needed to face their exams with confidence. Try us for free today!