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Psychology Lesson: Who’s on 1st? Abbot & Costello

The following activity was shared with me many years ago. For a little enrichment, you can play the Abbot & Costello: Who’s on 1st clip. This will introduce the players to the positions. It also could be an activity to use with short-term / long-term memory. Play the clip then a few days later ask the students to list the players positions.

First Base: Who

Second Base: What

Third Base: I Don’t Know

Left field: Why

Center field: Because

Pitcher: Tomorrow

Catcher: Today

Shortstop: I Don’t Care/I Don’t Give a Darn/I Don’t Give a Damn


1. Show the Abbot and Costello Clip

2. Hand out the worksheet

3. Show the Hall of Fame from previous years.

4. Start the stopwatch for the Hall of Fame (record the top finishers)

5. Check the student’s answers (only tell them the # of players correct do not say what positions are correct)

Hint: Setting up a chart is very helpful in solving the problem


e. bachelors = NOT married

i. the battery is the term to describe the pitcher and catcher.

l. a person who is engaged is still NOT married, a bachelor.

o. They are ALL married. They assume if they have kids it is within a marriage. Also if one is suing for divorce, they are currently married.


Read the following information and try to figure out the positions of the baseball team.

Nine men play the positions on a baseball team. Their names are Brown, White, Adams, Miller, Green, Hunter, Knight, Smith, and Jones. Determine from the following information the position played by each man.

a. Brown and Smith each won $10 playing poker with the pitcher.

b. Hunter is taller than Knight and shorter than White, but each weighs more than the first basemen.

c. The third basemen lives across the corridor from Jones in the same apartment house.

d. Miller and the outfielders play bridge in their spare time.

e. White, Miller, Brown, the right fielder, and the center fielder are bachelors, and the rest are married.

f. Of Adams and Knight, one plays an outfield position.

g. The right fielder is shorter than the centerfielder.

h. The third basemen is a brother of the pitcher’s wife.

i. Green is taller than the infielders and the battery (i.e., the pitcher and catcher), except for Jones, Smith, and Adams.

j. The second basemen beat Jones, Brown, Hunter, and the catcher at cards.

k. The third basemen, the shortstop, and Hunter made $150 each speculating in General Motors stock.

l. The second basemen is engaged to Miller’s sister.

m. Adams lives in the same house as his sister but dislikes the catcher.

n. Adams, Brown, and the shortstop lost $200 each speculating in grain.

o. The catcher has three daughters, the third basemen has two sons, but Green is being sued for divorce.


Jones         pitcher

Smith         Catcher

Brown       1st Base

White        2nd base

Adams       3rd base

Miller        Shortstop

Green        Left field

Hunter       center field

Knight       right fielder





1st Base:

2nd Base:


3rd Base:

Right Field:

Center Field:

Left Field:


Right Field:


Center Field:


Left Field:

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