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The following lesson was shared with us by a 1st grade teacher. It is a letter that was sent home to the parents explaining the “Star of the Week” activity. It was presented to the families about half way through the school year.
We hope you enjoy!
Dear Families,
I hope you all had a wonderful school vacation. Beginning next week, each student will have a turn to be the Star of the Week. This will give them a chance to share more about themselves with their classmates. It will also help them gain confidence speaking in front of a large group of their peers. All the students will practice oral communication skills (careful listening; asking questions to gain information or clarify something not understood; making thoughtful comments) and turn-taking while participating in the Star of the Week activities.
Your child’s turn will be the week of :                                                              .
Please help your child create a poster to his/her favorite things and special people in his/her life. You might feature photos of family, friends, pets, etc. You can list and illustrate favorites: activities, foods, toys, movies/TV shows, colors, school subject, etc. The poster should reflect the most important things that the student would like to share with us.
Please have your child bring the following to share when he/she is the Student of the Week.

  • Monday: The Poster.
  • Tuesday: The Sharing Sack – (this will be provided to the student the week before it is due). This is a small sack that the student can fill with objects to share with the class (no more than 5 things please).
  • Wednesday: A book to read to the class – Please help your child practice reading it beforehand.
  • Thursday: The Estimation Jar – (the sharing sack will be provided to the student the week before it is due). This is a (clear) plastic jar that your child will fill with small objects. At school, we will take turns estimating the amount of objects.

On Fridays, we will write about our favorite things that the Star of the Week has shared, new things we learned about him/her, and praise him/her for things done well.
I will be demonstrating these activities for the students this week in school. Please let me know what questions you have as you prepare for your child’s turn to be Star of the Week.
Thank you for your support!
Elementary School Teacher (your name)
We would love feedback from any teachers who have completed similar activities.