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Coaching Youth Basketball Resources
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Remember to be a good basketball player…FUNDAMENTALS FIRST!
The Mikan Drill is a great “fundamental” drill for a basketball player to develop proper footwork and the ability to score around the basket using both hands. This drill should be timed and the scores should be recorded to see if a player is improving.
Once this drill has been mastered, a varsity / JV level player should attempt the drill with 2 balls. These players do a fair job of executing the drill, but the balls should never be below the shoulders. This will teach players the valuable skills of keeping both hands high.
In my years of coaching basketball, a great score for a high school player for 30 seconds would be 17 or 18. The players were 6’4 and very committed to becoming the best they could be. (Height is a factor in getting the ball out of the net quickly.)
Check out this video to learn how to do the drill correctly! (Notice the hands are TOO LOW! KEEP BOTH HANDS HIGH!)
High School Players

Youth Players can try this drill too. Focus on footwork and keep the ball as high as possible.

Tweet your top score to @sstriplethreat. We would love to see how well you can complete this drill.
For more basketball drills, ideas, and philosophy check out our “Coaching Basketball Page.”
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