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WATD offers the best high school sports coverage on the South Shore. They do an outstanding job covering live games and every morning at 22 minutes and 52 minutes past the hour report on the scores of the previous day.
Check out the schedule for upcoming weeks.
Friday, September 20th, Weymouth at Brockton 6:45
Saturday September 21st, Cohasset at Rockland 3:30
Previous Results
Friday, September 6th, Abington at Duxbury – Duxbury wins 20 – 13.
Friday, September 12th, Sharon at Scituate – Scituate wins 20 – 14
Friday, September 13th, Carver at Norwell – Norwell wins 30 – 21

Saturday, September 14th , Hull at South Shore Vo. Tech Hull wins 38 – 22.