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My Town Tutors is guilty of tweeting too much. Sometimes it is best only to tweet once or twice a day the most important information.
We have 2 main goals.

  1. Register teachers who tutor so we can help them make up to $5,000 a year tutoring.
  2. Connect parents looking for tutors with local teachers who tutor.

Trying to keep the main thing, the main thing, here are some tweets that focus on our 2 goals.

  1. #Massachusetts #teachers are great tutors. Find one today!
  2. #Massachusetts #teachers can make up to $5,000 tutoring. Read how!
  3. #US #teachers are great tutors. Find one today!
  4. #US #teachers can make up to $5,000 tutoring. Read how!
  5. #US #teachers if you #tutor, join our national directory. Make up to $5,000 a year #tutoring!
  6. Need a #tutor, why not a #teacher? #Teachers are great tutors!
  7. #Tutors can improve a child’s self-esteem. Find a local #teacher who #tutors!