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365 SEO Tips for Small Business

We do not recommend following these accounts because either:

  1. The followers to following ratio is too low.
  2. The company is not consistent with the mission of our mystery company.
  3. The account cannot help spread the mission of the mystery company.

At the time of this blog, our mystery account was following 1,202 accounts, and had only 212 followers: a ratio of 5.7 to 1. The goal is 1:1 or even better.
Here is a short-term solution to establishing a better follower to following ratio:

  1. Social Media EXTREME Makeover: Unfollow Everyone!
  2. Analyze the accounts following and follow back the ones that are helpful.
  3. Social Media Makeover: Follow the Leaders: select the top accounts in your geographic area and area of interest.

Our analysis is of the 212 followers, the majority were SEO related, which is okay, but not the target audience of our company. Over the next several weeks, the mystery company needs to:

  1. Stop following so many accounts, maybe not actively follow any, only follow back worthy accounts.
  2. Create great tweets for the target audience, starting with mission tweets, to let the world know what the company is all about.

Our team of experts analyzed each account and recommended with to follow or not follow. Here are our recommendations.
AWESOME ACCOUNTS for our mystery company. These are the ones that should be engaged on a regular basis because they can be the most useful spreading the word to the target audience of our mystery company.

  1. @kidns Enhancing the Family Experience by Discovering the North Shore Experience
  2. @StartDashUpsCo is a blog where we interview Start ups . You can find us at . Our Blog has been featured in Techcrunch , Alltop and .Co
  3. @vonvovideo Vonvo is the first real-time Video Donation Tool for NonProfits. Come discuss the subjects that matter over live video! #socialgood#NYCStartup
  4. @cgkulks Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Startup Advisor. CEO of @CMGlobalGroup
  5. @stockbella I love My job, Poetry, Songs, Movies, Outdoors, Books – just everything. Do Internet-Marketing. Only missing –Love. No Spam
  6. @KP_Kelly#Christian. Network-aholic. #Coffee Addict. 6’7” Giant. Marathon Runner. Semi-Funny Comedian. #SocialMedia Enthusiast. Co-Founder of @Share4Kids#Columbus
  7. @Jeremy_Liddle President Australia #G20 Young #Entrepreneurs Alliance | Director of ENYA | Entrepreneurial Maniac | #Author & #Speaker changing the world. Watch my TED talk.
  8. @Revofhope Transforming lives in the inner-city community of Roxbury through a joy-filled, intensive, conservatory level Youth Orchestra.

Follow Back:

  1. @TopShelfNights#Boston#Nightlife#Bars#Clubs#Sports#VIP#hosts#DJ‘s #Partying#teamfollowback
  2. @weather_kitty Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. – Mark Twain
  3. @CandyDotCom All Things Candy!
  4. @katemcdonough47 Co-Founder of The Business Coalition
  5. @sfattman Candidate for Register of Probate for Worcester County.
  6. @MeetMattFraser A World Renowned Psychic Medium. Featured on ABC Chronicle, CBS Radio, NBC Morning News, Herald News, FOX News and More… Publicist: Imal Wagner (301) 840-5999
  7. @north_um Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.
  8. @Dennis_Warren President of The Business Coalition (TBC). Publisher of the Business Leader Post. My Tweets on business related topics.
  9. @edper3z Seeking learning and understanding. I love connecting with people also looking for ways to elevate themselves mentally and financially.
  10. @EricaMattison Social entrepreneur living in Dorchester, MA. Legislative Director for statewide environmental non-profit. @umassamerst alum. Opinions are my own.
  11. @128InTheLoop Boston Commercial Properties founded in 1989. Moved to the ‘burbs 18 years ago – enjoy working in Real Estate, all sports, and my family.
  12. @digitaloui Digital Media Mastermind. A LinkedIn Top .00 1% Master of living, working and playing anywhere in the world digitally! Go from zero to a digital media fortune.
  13. @marketingdrip Marketing drip guru is LinkedIn fastest growing profile 2014! 30,000+ on LinkedIn. Kickass marketing with drip. Awesome drip marketing App for LinkedIn.
  14. @shanejjames The Media Has Called Shane #1 Marketing Master. Int’l Speaker/Trainer, Creator of Marketing Methods Make Millions Seminar, TV Personality, Author of 4 books
  15. @matthewtoren Contributor at @EntMagazine – Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor.!. Founder of @Youngtrep, @Kidpreneurs, @Blogtrepreneur and @i_SmallBusiness
  16. @EspressoYourWay#HomeDecor, #Coffee. #Health, #Quotes — Everything! Thank You for Following Me!
  17. @ByrdziakLoui CEO & Founder Drip | Startup Guru | Sports Fanatic | Brand Activist | Media | Freak Entrepreneur | Software Developer | Business Incubator | Freestyle Skier
  18. @theshaunagraham Yoga. Tech. Beauty. Did you download my app yet?

Do not follow:

  1. @Nabhanyuvv For fantastic deals on Twitter! Get Easy 5,000 Followers only $29, Fast Delivery! Buy now : #dc
  2. @HomeJab Changing the way people buy & sell homes.
  3. @BenjaminPryor1 I’m a guy
  4. @iwa1122「No Rose, No Life」 薔薇好きな方 宜しく 132K followers just not a fan!