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What would happen if you unfollowed every twitter account following you? @GradeSuccess just did this as part of a Social Media Extreme Makeover. Is this a crazy idea or a wise social media strategy?
Why is @gradesuccess doing this?

  1. The current twitter strategy is very unproductive. The @GradeSuccess twitter account brought very little traffic to
  2. There is nothing to lose. @GradeSuccess did not have many of their followers sharing tweets or mentioning the account, so why not?  blog.
  3. The account was essentially inactive. With the exception the word of the day tweets, there was very little activity.
  4. KISS “Keep it Simple Stupid.” @GradeSuccess We want to get back to basics, we have been using twitter for the last 2 years and we want to start over, learning from our mistakes.
  5. It is great opportunity to introduce a more productive social media strategy.

What is your hypothesis?

  1. We will find out who our true friends are. A minority of our followers will unfollow us, but people who understand our mission to help parents and teachers connect will still see value in our account and remain loyal followers.
  2. Weeding out is good. There are many followers who are following because we follow them, they have no interest in education, parenting, and some occasional jokes.
  3. We will attract true followers. If someone follows us, seeing that we are following no one, they should have a good idea that we probably will not be following back. So they will be following us for who we are.
  4. We will survive. If we are left with no followers, we will survive. It is not the end of the world. We know enough about twitter to get back on our feet. We have some ideas about how twitter works and will follow them closely. We will share our tips on our twitter 101 page.

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