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Please Share!

A common question for people who use twitter is “what should I tweet?” People can tweet all different things from how far they ran to family vacation pictures. As we tweet, we try to keep in mind the ultimate goal of our tweets, to let parents and teachers know that “US teachers are great tutors!”
To share our message, we like to use the following guidelines:

1. Develop Strong Relationships with Educators and Parents: Twitter is our main tool to communicate with our audience. We have 3 accounts @mytowntutors, @mytowntutorsMA, @mytowntutorsNY. Each account is committed to establishing strong relationships in a specific region. We have conversations and encourage experts to write guest blogs for us. A guest blog exposes our audience to amazing information and at the same time introduces the guest bloggers to our followers. It is a win-win for everyone!
2. Share great content: Our tweets are designed to share information that is useful to our audience. Some of these tweets include our most recent blogs or guest blogs. We also share special lessons, psychology lessons and inspiring quotes for teachers. This post is part of a series on Top Tips for Social Media Success. We also like to share a laugh, so we post a Joke of the Day!
3. Share great twitter accounts: We also love to share great twitter accounts. We list a US, Massachusetts, and New York education account of the day. From these accounts, we have an in-depth interview with a US, Massachusetts, and New York educator of the week.
The accounts we select are the best on twitter. We consider many of these accounts close friends and are very glad to have made so many strong connections. We follow all of these accounts and highly recommend them to any teacher or parent who wants to know what is going on in education today.
4. Encourage Retweets (RTs): For My Town Tutors, twitter is all about relationships and sharing. If we have people who trust us and enjoy our content, they will be more likely to share our tweets. We also have used some tools to help our followers share the content they enjoy. (A Share Button Can Make a World of Difference to A Blog.)
5. Have Accounts “Favorite” a Tweet: A favorite is like a “Super RT.” When a tweet is a favorite, it is like a permanent RT. People can constantly view the tweet. Since our goal is to make strong connections with teachers and parents, any “favorite” is good news. It shares one of our tweets to an audience we may not know too well.