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A former business partner once gave me the following advice. “You need to be able to explain your mission in one sentence. People need to be able to understand the mission of the company in one sentence.”
Our one sentence descriptions:

  1. “My Town Tutors is a national directory of local teachers who tutor.”
  2. “My Town Tutors makes it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor!”
  3. “My Town Tutors helps teachers earn GREAT extra money tutoring.”
  4. “My Town Tutors is a great tutoring resource for parents (to find a local teacher who tutors) and teachers (to connect with parents and students).”
  5. Teachers are great tutors and parents want what is best for their children.”
  6. “Tutoring is a great opportunity for teachers to make extra money (up to $5,000) as a part-time or summer job.”

After reflecting on this advice, My Town Tutors came up with the idea of writing “Mission Tweets.” Our definition of a mission tweet is a statement that explains in simple terms the goals and mission of the company.
Before your first tweet, write out the mission statement of your company in a variety of ways to share on twitter.
An ideal mission tweet will be:

  • Clear and concise. KISS philosophy!
  • Include a link to a page on your website. The number one goal is attract people to your website.
  • Include #’s that will attract a targeted group of followers. Hashtags are a great way to make sure you are attracting followers with similar interests.

General Mission Tweets:

Mission Tweets for Teachers: (Become a Tutor)

  1. We are the #1 resource for US #teachers who #tutor! Earn up to $5,000 #tutoring this year! #edchat
  2. FREE registration for U.S. #teachers who #tutor! K-12 ALL subjects! #edchat

Mission Tweets for Parents: (Find a Tutor)

  1. Hey #moms & #dads! If you need a #tutor, doesn’t it make sense to hire a #teacher? #tutoring
  2. We list #US #teachers who #tutor! Find one today! Just enter your zip code! #moms #dads #tutoring
  3. Need #tutoring? My Town Tutors is a national directory of local #teachers who #tutor. #moms #dads

Geographic Mission Tweets: