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365 SEO Tips for Small Business
“Say Hello to My Little Friend!” is one of the most quoted lines in movie history. We thought it was a catchy title to remind twitter users the importance of welcoming new followers. (Remember it is okay to be selective about who you follow, and some accounts do not follow anyone, yet have a tremendous number of followers.)
Remember, “you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.” A welcome tweet is your 1st communication with a potential great resource for you and your company!
Welcoming a new account is perhaps the easiest way to learn to communicate on twitter. Here are a few examples of tweets to welcome a new follower. We will use the Massachusetts Miracle Account @gladlydo!

  1. A single simple thank you! This is best when you do not know much about the account. A simple shoutout could be the start or a mutually beneficial twitter relationship! “Thanks for the follow @StartUpsNGO we can’t wait to show reveal our new website. Coming VERY soon!”
  2. Share information! If you are a business, you feel you have something of value to offer. SHARE IT! “@veronikarbreer need help with open house prep? Moving furniture? We can gladly help! Let your clients know gladlydo is here! #oddjobs
  3. A welcome with a compliment and #hashtag!@SSTripleThreat thanks for the follow! Keep up the good work with your #basketball program here in #massachusetts
  4. A group welcome! (We created this as an example. This is not an actual tweet from @gladlydo) “Honored to be connected! @medaBasketball @ABasketballPage @Willibob12 @SSTripleThreat @StartUpsNGO @Startupdoc @OddJobs
  5. A welcome with a call to action! This is probably the best option. Encourage your new follower to check out a blog, guest blog, registration page, sponsor page, or search page.