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The feedback from teachers has been incredible to our top 10 twitter accounts for teachers that we have created a Connected Educators Page. Each Connected Educators has received a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader. For each account we have included the twitter name and the twitter profile.
A twitter profile is limited, so in the the upcoming weeks we will be listing interviews with some of the members on our list. We also will be venturing off the list to introduce other great educators who are not on our list. This is our first selection in that category.
We hope you enjoy and we would love your feedback.

Connected Educator: Rodger Hunwick

What is your current job of position?
My name is Rodger Hunwick. My wife and I are both educators with 40 years of experience between us. She is a first grade educator and I teach eighth grade U.S. History. We are both proud educators in a suburban Detroit public school. Together we developed a multifaceted web based company titled AskteacherZ. Our main objective with this venture is to provide an avenue for educators, students and parents to collaborate in an effort to better facilitate inspirational, innovative and imaginative educational practices.
What is your educational background?
We both have earned Masters degrees; mine is in History and hers is in Counseling. Our BA degrees were earned at Olivet College (an incredible small, liberal arts college in mid-Michigan) and our MA degrees at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.
Describe your educational philosophy and educational vision?
Quality education depends on the cohesiveness of school, parent and student. Together ALL of these entities must work together; must have a common mission; and must have a common trust in one another for student outcome/s to be successful. These positive student achievements are not only proven by standardized test scores but rather by various assessment methods. Educational profit is measured not in dollars but by the compassion its graduates have for humanity; its measured by how students work with others to create, innovate and solve. The mission of schools is to develop a passion for education in it’s students that go beyond the classroom and germinates throughout ones life.
How do you grow and engage your professional learning network?
Through the use of our website Askteacherz.com and our blog, we are able to grow and engage our professional learning network. Our website specializes on U.S. History Education; Elementary Education; Education Technology; Homework Help; and Family Educational Involvement. However, social meda has positively impacted our ability to grow our professional learning network faster and far beyond our expectations.
What is the greatest benefit of your professional network?
The greatest benefit of professional networking is the ability to collaborate with others. It’s essential in the field of education to constantly perfect your craft, to keep moving toward mastery and to always keep up with the trends. A quality system of keeping in touch with others in the field of education only enhances excellence in teaching.
If you blog, what is the focus of it? How long have you been writing? Who is you audience?
AskteacherZ has been hosting a blog at http://www.askteacherz.com/blog.html since February of 2011. The vast majority of topics relate to educational enhancement; collaborative teaching; and the advancement of pedagogy. Blog posts, at times, venture into the political arena as it pertains to upholding quality learning. Our intended audience is teachers, parents and students seeking educational consultation.
How do you use social media to connect with other educators? What is your advice to teachers on social media and education?
The single most career altering innovation is Twitter. Utilizing Twitter as a source of professional development (PD) is an incredible source available to all educators; and it’s FREE. Educators need to embrace this social media source and learn about all of its limitless possibilities. Not only can it be a source of PD but it is also a phenomenal tool for student learning and communicative device. Twitter use in the educational setting has been the topic of several of our blog posts: Teachers Tweet Mastery and I’m Hunting with Twitter.
Please connect with us @askteacherzcom.
What advice in general do you have to teachers today?
Judge not the importance of a profession to the world in which we live by the dollar revenue it generates but rather by the value effect it has on the future of society. This was the topic of our first blog written titled Judging a Professions Greatness. Educators we must continue to collabrate, not just for the success of the students we are contact with daily but for maintaining the future of quality education for all. Teachers you are a special and unique group of individuals; we respect your work and we thank you for your tireless effort to find and bring out the very best in us all.