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Guest Post (Original Post 2013)

Friday, February 1st, 2019 is World Read Aloud Day, an advocacy campaign started by the non-profit LitWorld. We are honored to share the details and history of this special day with My Town Tutors who are doing amazing work to cultivate strong readers and writers every day.
So, what’s World Read Aloud Day all about? Well, UNESCO estimates that around the world 793 million people cannot read or write. 793 million. This number never gets easier to conceive or digest. Roughly translated, that means 1 out of every 5 people on Earth cannot read or write.
We believe that literacy is a fundamental human right, and a building block for all other human rights. A literate world would be a more equitable, healthy, prosperous world. We also believe in the power of stories, and the pure joy that comes from reading aloud with another person. What better way to spread awareness about the importance of global literacy than through joy and human interaction. All people must be able to read and write and share their story, they must be able to advocate from themselves and pursue any dream that they can dream for their future. Reading is a lifelong skill, once it is learned it is yours forever. No one can take it away from you.
What we really like to emphasize is that World Read Aloud Day is for everyone, everywhere. All ages, all professions, all countries. In fact we’ve received pictures of children reading aloud to their stuffed toys, and a cat looking deeply engrossed in a book about giraffes. Visit LitWorld’s activities page to download free resources full of ideas for children, teens, families, educators, and professionals.

For even more suggestions, find us on Twitter and Facebook where we are sharing and tweeting about the incredible ways our community of literacy WRADvocates plan to celebrate in their own communities. Don’t forget to email photos and stories to wrad(at) so that we can track the Read It Forward movement and recognize you for your participation.