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As part of our goal of being a great resource for the South Shore, we are compiling a list of birthday parties ideas for South Shore families. We hope you find this list helpful.
This is a GREAT destination for a party. The kids love it and enjoy the freedom. There is very little structure, however the children seem to be creative with the play. There are different sections for different ages.
We have experienced both a regular visit to pump and a private birthday party. Both were a lot of fun. The one con is trying to keep an eye on a child. If you are a nervous parent, dress your child in bright, unique clothing so that they will be easy to pick out in a crowd.
The following information was taken directly from the Pump and Jump website:

Pump and Jump: Birthday Party


Pump ‘N’ Jump Party Packages

Every Pump ‘n’ Jump birthday party includes:

  • $3.00 game card for each party guest!
  • Free 500 game points for the birthday child to use in our Prize Center!
  • Party Host
  • Private Birthday Party room
  • 75 minutes of play time
  • Mini-water for each child at start of party
  • One slice of pizza and a juice or soda for each child
  • All paper products
  • Pump ‘n’ Jump t-shirt for the birthday child
  • Complete set up and clean up

Pumpin’ Party (up to 8 children)

Weekday $189.99
Weekend/Holiday/School Vacation $219.99

Bouncin’ Blowout (up to 16 children)

Weekday $259.99
Weekend/Holiday/School Vacation $289.99

Gallopin’ Gala (up to 24 children)

Weekday 339.99
Weekend/Holiday/School Vacation $359.99

Hoppin’ Hoedown (up to 32 children)

Weekday $459.99
Weekend/Holiday/School Vacation $479.99

Leapin’ Luau (up to 40 children)

Weekday $579.99
Weekend/Holiday/School Vacation $599.99

  • Weekend rates apply Friday after 4pm-Sunday, holidays and school vacations.
  • You may add up to 3 additional children to any package for $13.99 per child. If you wish to add 4 or more children to the count, please choose the next largest package.
  • Please count the Birthday Child in the total number of children attending
  • Gluten and Nut free food options available! (If any child in your party has a food allergy, Pump ‘n’ Jump can substitute another food for pizza upon your request)
  • Once your party is booked, take advantage of our free online printable party invitations!
  • Please make your guests aware that socks are required to jump. We sell them if anyone forgets!
  • Our party hosts work hard to make your party special! Gratuities are accepted for excellent service.

Make your child’s birthday party even more special by adding

any of the following party extras!

  • Latex Balloons (12, 18, 24 or 30 count – choose your colors!)
  • Themed mylar balloons and giant number balloons
  • Themed Paper Products (We have TONS of themes available! If you don’t see what you want on our Party Themes page, just call and ask us. If they make it, we’ll get it for you!)
  • ¼ sheet Birthday Cake (themed or regular) with candles
  • Goodie Bags
  • Party Hats or Tiaras
  • Noisemakers
  • Ice Cream Cups
  • Additional pizzas for guests and family

Please call Pump ‘n’ Jump for current pricing on all party add-ons.