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Video clips are a great way to introduce and reinforce the concepts and steps to classical conditioning. When I first started teaching the course, students had a very difficult time understanding the concepts of classical conditioning. It might be safer to say, I had a difficult time presenting the material in a clear, understandable way.
Little Albert Experiment
The Little Albert experiment is an early example of classical conditioning. This clip is nicely done with excellent footage of the experiment. The background music from Peanuts is awesome.
This is one of the best clips for the Little Albert experiment.

After viewing the clip, have the student write / copy the following equation.
(Helpful)        WHITE RAT                                     ——>            FEAR
Step #1           X                      +          NOISE         ——>              FEAR
Step #2           WHITE RAT    +          NOISE      ——>              FEAR
Step #3           WHITE RAT    +          X                ——>             FEAR
Some additional notes on the ethical issues of this controversial experiment:
1. The psychologists taught fear to young child.
2. The parent was not notified about the experiment.
3. The psychologists made no attempt at making the fear become extinct.