The Secret DVD is a documentary of some impressive speakers who are passionate about their thoughts and belief in using their mind to achieve their dreams. They believe in the “Law of Attraction.” The speakers provide concrete examples of how to apply “the Secret” in everyday life.
The Secret can be used with a psychology unit on thought. Students answer several writing prompts as an introduction. Students are given 15 – 20 minutes to answer a few questions of their choice. A class discussion follows. Try to extract personal experiences that are connected to how thinking might affect performance. For example if you have a student-athlete who is a goalie, how does the crowd or their own attitude impact their performance, for example if a crowd repeatedly chants “It’s all your fault!”
I highly recommend viewing the DVD prior to using it with your class to see if it is a good fit with your curriculum. The feedback over the years from the students has been positive, with students applying some of the ideas in the DVD to their own lives in some cases.
In future posts, I will share some additional resources for using the Secret with your class.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!