Recognition and recall are key concepts in understanding memory.
The follow is a great activity to illustrate recognition and recall with children’s movies. For the movie of your choice, ask the students to list the characters (and actors), memorable phrases, and memorable scenes.
Give the students a few moments to fill out the information, then begin a class discussion. Images and video clips can be used to  help to help with recognition of the characters students have trouble remembering.
One movie that fits nicely with this activity is Finding Nemo:
Characters: Nemo, Marlin, Nigel, Gill, Dory, Squirt, Crush, Bruce, Peach, Flo / Deb, Bloat, Jacques, Bubbles, Gurgle, Darla
Click here to see images of many of the characters.
Memorable Phrase / Scenes

I shall call him Squishy.

Dory Speaking Whale

You made me Ink!

Just Keep Swimming!

Fish are friends not food.

He touched the butt.

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