Conditioned Tastes
1. Slide #1 – review the chart with the steps of classical conditioning.
2. What did Watson demonstrate (last sentence 2nd paragraph)
3. Slide #2 Describe the 2 food options.
4. Respond to the questions and record your scores.
5. YOUR RESULTS – In 2-3 sentences evaluate your results compared to the 26 previous students that were tested.
6. Review of classically conditioned tastes: Write an equation for this terms:
7. Have you ever had food poisoning or gotten sick after eating at a restaurant. Explain your experience.
8. Drag the terms: List the unconditioned response, unconditioned stimulus, conditioned response and conditioned stimulus
9. Glossary review: Write out the terms and definitions.
There are 12 questions on this quiz. Some of the material we did not cover, but use your test taking skills to attempt to answer as best you can. Questions you should be able to answers are 2, 5, 7, 10, 11
Nice graphic at the end to illustrate your results.