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We love Pi Day and have listed some great links via the #1 Resource for Pi Day the Exploratorium.
We hope you enjoy.
Top Twitter Accounts for Pi Day

  1. Exploratorium: Pi Day Activities
  2. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Special Pi Day Ahead
  3. The Pi Day Challenge: Pi Day Challenge 2015
  4. My Town Tutors: Top 25 Activities for Pi Day & March Lessons for Teachers
  5. IPractice MathSponsor of 101 Pi Day Jokes
  6. Princeton Pi Day
  7. Pi Day 5K:
  8. Teach Pi: Pi Day Rap Lose Yourself in the Digits
  9. Exam Elf: Exam Elf Helps Students Face Exams with Confidence
  10. Drexel Math Forum Ask Dr. Math: About Pi
  11. Pi Day
  12. Pi Day Marseille
  13. Pi Through the Ages
  14. Project Mathematics: Video Pi
  15. Pot Pourri Pi
  16. If all you need is the first million digits …What Value Do You Get?
  17. Pi, ArcTangent, and the Fibbonacci Numbers
  18. Happy Pi Day to You
  19. Pi Day Greeting Cards
  20. Top ln(e^10) reasons why e is better than Pi
  21. Mnemonic Odes to Pi
  22. A Piece of Pi (violin music)