My Town Tutors has a goal of listing a teacher who tutors in every town in America. To help jump start registrations, we are offering a Pi Day promotion. Teachers can register for 2 years for just $3.14.
Th registration fee is the only cost to the teacher. Teachers set the hourly rate and keep 100% of the profits. If a teacher’s rate is $50 an hour, the teacher keeps $50. It is that simple.
One of our Massachusetts teachers made over $5,000 last year. We want to help teachers who tutor in all 5o states make extra money.
Since our main source of revenue is registrations, so we would love to have teachers register for $12, our current registration fee. However we also have 2 additional promotions. Choose the price the works best for you:
$3.14: use promo code piday (expires 4/1/2014)

$5.00: use promo code twitter (expires 6/31/2014)

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