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We love Pi Day and have listed some great links via the #1 Resource for Pi Day The Exploratorium. We are not trying to steal their thunder, we just want to share their expertise.
We hope you enjoy.

  1. Accept The Pi Day Challenge: Have students sign-up and participate in this great activity created by a high school math teacher.
  2. Buy a Pi Day T-shirt: Great to show your love of math on Pi Day and all year long!
  3. Make a Pi Day T-shirt: Have students make a Pi Day T-shirt. Great for creativity!
  4. Make a Pi Day Pie: Be creative or purchase a Pi mold.
  5. Buy aPi poster from It is great to decorate a classroom or hallway with quality posters.
  6. Have students create a Pi Day poster to share with the class: Even better than professional posters, are student generated posters! Allow for creativity and enjoy!
  7. Ask Dr. Math: About Pi: Have students research the History of Pi Day.
  8. Pi Through the Ages: Create a Pi Timeline.
  9. Create a Pi Video: Conduct a video interview with others about Pi.
  10. Happy Pi Day to You: Have students make a Pi Day video presentation, set to music. Enter the Princeton Pi Day Video Contest.
  11. Pi Day Greeting Cards: Have students make a Pi Day card or send an Pi Day eCard.
  12. Mnemonic Odes to Pi: Create an ode to Pi
  13. Share a laugh with a Pi Day Joke: Try to find additional math and pi day jokes.
  14. Give a High Pi: When a friend does something mathematically fantastic, raise three fingers high and connect with your math buddy who will be doing the same. When 2 mathematical friends contact 3 fingers ABOVE THE SHOULDERS, you have made a high pi. A “high pi” is the same as a high 5 minus the thumb and pinky.
  15. Celebrate Pi minute: March 14, 2014 1:59: Stop everything and acknowledge the Pi Minute. Perhaps have a moment of silence or write as many pi digits as possible in 60 seconds.
  16. Connect with great websites for Pi Day: We have currently identified 9 great websites for Pi Day. We know there are many more. We will be adding to our list as we continue our research.
  17. Watch Pi Diddy perform a great Pi Day song: We found this at It is fantastic!
  18. Take a Pi Day Pledge: Create your own Pi Day Pledge. Be creative! Assign it for homework. Work in groups.
  19. Write a Pi Day Poem: Submit a Pi Poem on line
  20. Write a Pi – Ku (Pi Day Haiku): 1st line: 3 syllables, 2nd line: 1 syllable
    3rd line: 4 syllables.
  21. Make a Pi Day Tweet:@mytowntutors will be tweeting out all Pi Day and the days leading up to it. We would love to hear from you and give you a virtual “high Pi!”
  22. Write a Pi Day Blog (From Huffington Post):
  23. Have a Pi Day Parade: Create some Pi Day decorations and march around the room, school or town.
  24. Learn the Mathematical Pi Song: Sung to the lyrics of Don McLean’s American Pie! A great way to remember PI.
  25. Play Equate: A great math game similar to scrabble.

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