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Check out 101 Pi Day Jokes & the Pi Day Challenge, A Slice of Heaven!

Every so often, fate grants us an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience, never to be repeated. Bite into the tender, flaky crust of destiny and celebrate with hundreds of other irrational members of the human race and participate in the Pi Day 5K! The Pi Day 5K is a flexible alternative to traditional races—you can participate, regardless of where you live and can run on your own schedule (extra points however for those who run at 9:26:53 am on 3/14/15). We ship you your swag and you run with friends, imaginary or real.
Officially recognized in 1988 but traditionally observed for millennia by fans of Archimedes and Paula Deen, Pi Day occurs each year on March 14th and is generally regarded as an opportunity/excuse for geeking out about math and excessive pastry consumption. The overlap of mathematical and baking culture is unparalleled for its significant digits and saturated fat content. Truly, a holiday for the masses, wandering in the desert of early spring after the glut of festivities in December. Fibonacci would approve!
PI DAY 5K (technically 5.05334 K):
To counter the marvelously tasty pastry consumption, go for a run! The Pi Day 5K is an opportunity for runners and math enthusiasts to celebrate Pi Day by covering 3.1415 miles (or 5.05334 kilometers for those adherents of the metric system) under their own power. That’s about it—‘tis a fun reason to run!
First off, you register for the Pi Day 5K. Online registration is currently open. You can register at any time, up until midnight on March 5th. (Canadian registration closes one week earlier to allow for shipping times. Sorry, eh.) Your registration will come with a sumptuously soft Pi Day 5K shirt you can wear with pride, plus a bib number and finisher’s medal (if you wear the medal before completing the run, you will burst into flames), all which you will receive the week before the run dates. Run the Pi Day 5K wherever you’d like (on your favorite local running trail, in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, in a fog, on a log, etc) between March 12th and March 15th. Once you have run, report your time to us to be eligible for marvelous prizes.
Check out for more information and to join the Pi Day 5K festivities!