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When you are determined to become personal instructor, you should keep your long term goals clear in your mind. You should be aware of the educational and training requirements for being a successful personal trainer. For some of the certifications, the college degrees can be essential while for the others, the specialty certification should be enough. To know more about Gym management courses, visit keleven’s guide on personal training.

Vocational Program or High School Diploma: The first step in becoming a personal trainer is the successful completion of the high school diploma or the vocational program. If you want to gain employment in personal training, the high school diploma is required. They allow the students to obtain the necessary credentials for the personal trainer course before graduating from the high school.

College Degrees: Though all the employers do not ask for the college degrees for the eligibility of the personal trainer, in the early 2000s it became a common practice to hire educated trainers. An associate or bachelor’s degree in the health and fitness related subjects or sports nutrition can be preferable to the employers for hiring them. You can check out the recent article by on starting career as a sports nutrition. The other areas of the study can include physical education, kinesiology or exercise science. A degree will definitely be beneficial in the long run and can also help in providing training in the future.

Certifications: As college degrees are not mandatory to all the employers, certifications are necessary in this field. All the personal trainers are required to be certified. Different certifying bodies may possess different requirements for the certification purpose. The basic certification requirements include that the candidate must be minimum 18 years of age, completed the course, became CPR certified , worked under the supervision of another personal trainer and have passed a certification exam. The trainers can easily obtain the certification from professional associations which are devoted in fitness related fields. Some of the well known associations can be International Sports Science Associations, American Council On Exercise etc. For enrolling in the personal trainer course, you may require the CPR certification (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). The qualified candidates are required to go through the complete training requirements and the final certifying exam. The exams are generally set by the accrediting organization in specific fields. After certification, the candidates are required to go through a process of continuous improvements. For maintaining the credentials, the certification can be updated every 2 years.

Specialized Training: Some of the areas may require specialized training instead of just obtaining the fitness degree and certification. The training for the Yoga instruction can be a very good example of the specialized courses. Sometimes, the yoga instruction course may demand 200 hours of instruction, with some specific hours dedicated to specific category of the Yoga training. The categories may include teaching techniques, philosophy, anatomy and lots more.

Career Overview of Personal Trainer: The personal trainers are required to provide training to their clients either on one to one basis or in small groups. The use of weight machines and the cardiovascular machines can be done under their supervision. The trainers can also provide verbal motivation to the clients for some fitness goals like the weight loss. Some of the trainers can specialize in a particular form of exercise and can easily identify their target market.

According to a study, the jobs in the fitness training and instructions will rise 13% from 2012 to 2022 with an average growth rate. With the proper formal education and other qualification requirements, the individuals can observe some excellent job opportunities in this field.