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My Town Tutors has a goal to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers.  To help us be a tremendous resource for parents, we are creating a list of twitter accounts for parents that received a perfect 100% score from tweetgrader.
For each account, we have included the twitter name, the twitter profile, twitter followers, and the perfect twitter grade. We hope you find these accounts helpful and we would love your feedback.
It  is our hope to be the #1 resource for parents. We have been fortunate enough to have developed some close relationships with several members of the list. The parents who have written a guest blog for us are listed first and the remaining members are listed by state in reverse alphabetical order. (Massachusetts is first because that is where we started)
We will be adding additional accounts in the future as we come across them.
Guest Bloggers
1. @pragmaticmom (57,200 followers) I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. Boston, MA ·
My Town Tutors shared a guest blog with @pragmaticmom called Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Use a Summer Journal.
@pragmaticmom returned the favor with a guest post of her own called Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts

  1. @MomCentral(72,000 followers) Engaging and helping influential moms build their platforms and increase their influence to support the brands they love! Boston, MA ·
  2. @pragmaticmom (57,200 followers) I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. Boston, MA ·
  3. @capabilitymom(15,400 followers) I am a frugal (born and raised New Englander) SAHM becoming a WAHM and looking for a new acronym because all moms are working moms. #Blogher newbie Probably in a carpool line ·
  4. @bostonmamas(14,700 followers) Christine Koh = Boston lifer. Music + brain scientist turned writer, editor, designer, + consultant. Mom of Laurel & Violet. Proponent of Oxford commas. Boston ·
  5. @mommyniri (11,800 followers) Engineer for 12 years before I traded rat race for my rug rats. Social Media Junkie and Founder of & Boston ·
  6. @BostonCentral (7,200 followers) Managing Director, Stacey Sao. Family-friendly events info for Greater Boston. Free weekly e-newsletter, events calendar & activities database since 2001. Boston, MA ·
  7. @Boston_Moms (8,900 followers) Edited by @kristipalma, a married, full-time working mom of two, who aims to provide resources and information for parents in Boston and beyond. Boston, MA ·
  8. @massholemommy (7,800 followers) Mom, step-mom, wife, WAHM, blogger, brand ambassador…oh, and I love living in New England! Questions? Just ask. South Shore MA ·
  9. @mytowntutors (6,400 followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·
  10. @toyqueen (4,600 followers) Mom & Occupational Therapist blogger who reviews kids toys and products, Toys Guide for, tweets and writes for @AboutToys. Boston
  11. @FairlyOddMother (3,900 followers) Homeschooling mom of three in Southeastern Massachusetts. Massachusetts ·


  1. @socialmoms – “SocialMoms is a community of influential moms who are active in social media. Join us at! Ross, CA · (100/100 twitter grader)
  2. @coolmomdotcom – “Making moms laugh since 2008. Forbes one of 100 top sites for women also at @daphbrog Basic cable superstar,comic, funny. Los Angeles · (100/100 twitter grader)
  3. @mrdad – Nobody Knows Dads Like Mr. Dad.#Father of 3, bestselling author, columnist, radio host, #Marine, spokesperson, #dad guru–but learning from my kids every day. California · (100/100 twitter grader)


  1. @HappyHousewife – “Happy Housewife, Savvy Blogger, #DealPro. Classical pianist, wannabe trapeze artist. Slept in Cinderella’s castle. Shattering homeschool stereotypes since ’00. Florida · twitter grader)


  1. @bridgettela – “The Experimental Mommy, Brand Ambassador, Mom Blogger, Double Duty Diva Blog Network and Reviewer’s Retreat Co-Owner, New Orleans native and Science Geek – New Orleans, LA · (100/100 twitter grader)

New York

  1. @bigcitymoms – “Marketing, Research, &Local Events for expectant moms, new moms,& families.Events include- new moms lunches, expectant events, support, seminars,classes,& more. NYC · (100/100 twitter grader)
  2. @latenightparent – Late night show of parenting! We talking about families being Moms Dads Motherhood Fatherhood and being parents. PR Friendly! New York City · (100/100 twitter grader)


  1. @ourkidsmom – I am OurKidsMom: living & loving life with 4 kids (ages 20, 15, 5 & 4). Hop on over to the blog! · (100/100 twitter grader)
  2. @mytowntutors – Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA · (100/100 twitter grader)
  3. @mommymoment – Mom of 2, daycare provider, yoga instructor, mom blogger, and twitter fan! · (100/100 twitter grader)
  4. @mombloggersclub – “Founder: Global network of 18k mom/mum bloggers. Also: @socialgoodmoms@momblogmag. Writes for Gates Foundation, Babble Voices, Ricki Lake Here, there, everywhere · (100/100 twitter grader)


  1. @myfourmonkeys – Stay-at-home homeschooling mom of four. Blogger at, Charter @chiquita Mom, & Social Media Director for @doubledutydivas. Richmond, VA · (100/100 twitter grader)


  1. @mummyblogger – Award-winning blogger and copywriter. Managing the UK blogging community for @collectivebias #cbias. Find me on Facebook – Bristol, UK · (100/100 twitter grader)
  2. @everythingmom – “Sharing what’s at the Heart & Soul of Every Mom. Connecting with Brands: Tweets by: @cbadov & @michdavies Canada · twitter grader)

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