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“It’s not a hill it’s a mountain
As you start out the climb.”

– U2 Lyrics, “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight!”

As I was running the other day, thinking about ideas for my first few blogs, these lyrics were playing on my Ipod. I love U2, but I did not know exactly how these lyrics apply to My Town Tutors. Then it hit me.
Every teacher and parent in America can connect with these words.
“It’s not a hill it’s a mountain,
As you start out the climb.”
If you are a parent, think back to the first day you became aware of the pregnancy. What an amazing day! That day, whether you knew it then or not, changed your life forever.
I am sure you can remember vividly the ride to the hospital, the waiting, and finally the birth. There was joy, excitement, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. During those first days their were visitors, nurses, and doctors helping you with the transition to parenthood. Having friends, family, and medical professionals watch you and your child around the clock was so comforting.
Then reality set in.
You were discharged and forced to walk out the hospital doors to care and guide this helpless being for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!
If this is not a mountain, I do not know what is!
So many parents struggle getting through each day. There are so many lessons to teach such as; knowing right from wrong, being kind, gaining independence, developing a strong work ethic, and having self-reliance.
Parents cannot do it alone. We need family, friends, congregations and parishes, neighbors and teachers, in addition to so many more. However, no matter how many people assist with the raising of a child, the ultimate responsibility lies with the parents.
I think every parent will agree that when it comes to the responsibility of raising a child –  “It’s not a hill it’s a mountain.”
If you are a teacher, think back to your first interview and the subsequent phone call informing you that you will be in charge of your very first classroom. You probably shared the great news with an adviser or mentor teacher. Perhaps you found out before your classes ended and you shared it with your professors and classmates. You had a solid support system of people who understood the teaching profession and were behind you 100%.
Then reality set in.
You spent several days or weeks setting up your room. You developed an opening day lesson plan that changed so many different times. Perhaps you visited some websites or connected with other teachers on facebook or twitter. But………
When that first bell rang or you met your students in the classroom or at the bus, it was you and ONLY YOU!
Even the most confident rookie teachers would agree, there was a realization at some point during that first day that in regards to teaching – “It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain. As you start out the climb.”
To all the US teachers and parents, thank you for accepting the 2 toughest jobs in America. Keep doing your best. You are all qualified for this incredible responsibility of helping to develop the future of America.
As a parent and a veteran teacher, I must admit, walking out those South Shore Hospital doors was a lot more scary than facing 25 teenagers. Especially because the car seat was in backwards! (Can any other dads feel my pain?)
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