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January 1, 2014: Louise Morgan is an elementary teacher / elementary tutor at Sycamore Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX 76134 (She also is a Connected Educator of the Week)

January 2, 2014: Genein Letford is an elementary teacher / elementary tutor at New Academy Canoga Park School in Canoga, CA 91303 (She also is a Connected Educator of the Week)
January 3, 2014: Ken Moss is a biology teacher / biology tutor and chemistry teacher / chemistry tutor at Hazelton Area High School in Hazle Township, PA 18202.
January 4, 2014: Rodger Hunwick is a middle school teacher / middle school tutor at Parcells Middle School in Grosse Pointe, MI 48230.
January 5, 2014: Michael Hetherington is a Math Teacher / Math Tutor at the Horace W. Porter School in Columbia, CT 06237.
January 6, 2014: Michael Biasini is a Special Education Teachers at Lexington Creek Elementary School in Missouri City,, TX 77459.
January 7, 2014: Marc Hoberman is a an SAT prep / reading tutor. English teacher for 26 years at Spring Valley High School in Spring Valley, NY 10977.
January 8, 2014: Andrew Pola is a science teacher / science tutor from Grosse Pointe North High School in Grosse Pointe, MI 48230.
January 9, 2014: Casey Irwin is a teacher at Field Elementary School in Pasadena, CA.
January 10, 2014: Casey Gadwood is a teacher at Alhambra Senior High in Martinez, CA.
January 11, 2014: Kevin Harp is a Teacher at Gretchen Whitney High in Cerritos, CA.
January 12, 2014: M. Luong is a Teacher at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe Springs, CA.
January 13, 2014: Ann Wentworth is a Teacher at the Washington School in West Haven, CT.
January 14, 2014: Rudy Perez is a Teacher at Canyon High in Canyon County, CA
January 15, 2014: Jodi Memmott is a Teacher at the Edith E. Mackrille School in West Haven, CT.
January 16, 2014: Mark Consorte is a Social Studies Teacher at West Haven High School in West Haven,  CT.
January 17, 2014: Casey Stapleton is a teacher at Alma E. Pagels School in West Haven, CT.
January 18, 2014: Bill Krakower is an Elementary Computer and Special Education Teacher at Charles Olbon in Woodland Park, NJ.

January 19, 2014: Dana Sirotiak is a Teacher at the Number 3 Middle School in Jersey City, NJ
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