@MyTownTutorsTX is a twitter account that is following a unique approach to twitter, following only one account per day!
They have a clear goal, to be the #1 resource in Texas for tutoring. To achieve this goal, @MyTownTutorsTX is working very hard to provide awesome information for Texas parents and teachers.
Here are some of their tips!

Tips to Become a Top Twitter Resource!

  1. BE CLEAR: My Town Tutors is a national tutoring directory. We make it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor.
  2. DEFINE YOUR GOAL: Be a great resource for Texas parents, teachers, and education. When we follow, tweet, and share our goal is the driving force.
  3. FOLLOW GREAT ACCOUNTS FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS: @MyTownTutorsTX spends very little time following and unfollowing accounts. @MyTownTutorsTX follows one great account per day.
  4. CELEBRATE YOUR FRIENDS: Every 5 days, we share the accounts we follow with a blog. We love the accounts @MyTownTutorsTX follows and we highly recommend them in tweets and on our 1st 52 page.
  5. SHARE GUEST POSTS FROM THE BEST: My Town Tutors loves to share great resources, especially from amazing parents an educators. In the first month, we were able to share the following posts:

This was all accomplished in just 31 days. We cannot wait to continue our mission in September. We will be sure to share our progress with a future blog. In the meantime…. check out @MyTownTutorsTX to see what is new!