My Town Tutors is a website that connects parents with teachers who tutor. If you are a teacher who tutors, consider registering with us. Teachers set the hourly rate and keep 100% of the fees! One of our teachers made $5,000 last year tutoring.
It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!
My Town Tutors is the #1 resource for teachers who tutor on the South Shore of Massachusetts. (For example if a parent search for a tutor in zip code 02169 Quincy, MA you will.) Our goal this summer is to be the #1 resource in the country for teachers who tutor?
What makes us so good?
1. Teachers set their own hourly rate. Teachers teach and live in the communities where they tutor, so they understand the “going rate” for that area. Some of our tutors charge $25 an hour and others over $100. The rate is entirely up to the teacher.
2. Teachers pick their hours. Several teachers tutor from Hanover High. One math teacher only tutors one student per week, while another will tutor up to 7 students. Teachers are not required to accept requests and work with a parent to select a mutually convenient meeting time and place.
3. Teachers keep 100% of the fees. We are very unorthodox in our business model, but teachers keep 100% of the fees. If a teacher charges $75 an hour, the teacher keeps all $75. No hidden fees.
4. Teachers get paid directly by clients. Teachers and parents work out the pay arrangement, so very often the teacher will receive cash or a check immediately after the session.
5. Teachers can make up to $5,000 a year. A teacher on the South Shore made $5,000 one school year tutoring. imagine if we could help just 201 teachers in America make $5,000? The total revenue would be over ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
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