My Town Tutors is a website that helps connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Our goal is the be a great local and national resource for parents, teachers, students, and educators.
In addition to our main goal of connecting parents with teachers who tutor, we also want to provide great information and resources for parents and teachers. We have a blog, guest blog, and several state and regional twitter accounts.
To help with our mission of being the #1 tutoring resource in America for teachers and parents, we are seeking family and education friendly companies for a monthly sponsorship of each active twitter account.
The national account is great for larger companies hoping to reach a national audience, while the state accounts offer a great opportunity for businesses who are looking to connect with on a more local level.
We are looking for sponsors for the following twitter accounts.
@mytowntutors – National account.
@mytowntutorsma – Massachusetts account.
@mytowntutorsfl – Florida Account.
The $30 monthly sponsorship fee would include the following benefits during your month of sponsorship.
1. A blog profile – This blog should be composed by someone within your company. The blog should include useful information, the focus of your company, and other information you wish to share with our followers. Be sure to include links back to appropriate pages on your site.
2. Daily blog promo tweets – Each day during your month of sponsorship we will tweet the title of your blog with a link to the blog. We will also include your twitter account in the tweet. This should gain exposure to our audience of followers which is mostly parents, teachers, and educational companies.
3. Daily promo tweets – Your company can compose promo tweets for your website that we will share with our followers. The tweets can include special promotions, events, or a link to a blog page. The content of the tweet is entirely up to you. The same tweet can be used all month or you could choose to have a different tweet for each day. The tweets are designed to share important information with our followers about you and your website.
4. #FF mentions – For each Friday during your month of sponsorship, we will send out 4 #FF tweets of your choice. Your twitter account will be the only one mentioned in the tweet. This should help to increase your following on twitter.
Additionally, you will receive the following benefits for the remainder of the year.
1. Sponsor List – Your twitter account will be added to our sponsor list, which we will share and “re-tweet” from throughout the year.
2. #FF mention – For each Friday during the year, we will send out #FF tweets of our sponsors. Your twitter account will be mentioned along with other sponsors in the tweet.
Example: “#FF @mytowntutors, @mytowntutorsma, @mytowntutorsfl are some great accounts we would encourage #teachers and #parents to follow!”
3. Blog Tweets – We will include your blog in our rotation of tweets. So several other times during the year, your blog will be shared with our followers. (Exact amount to be determined, but probably at least 3 times a month.)
4. Open Invitation for Additional Guest Blogs – You will have an open invitation to write an additional guest blogs that we will share with our followers.
All sponsorships must be appropriate. We are trying to help companies similar to My Town Tutors reach a targeted audience or parents and educators. Interested companies should contact mark at mytowntutors dot com!
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