My Town Tutors has a goal of being the number one resource for Massachusetts parents looking to connect with teachers who tutor.
We have one simple belief:  Massachusetts “Teachers are great tutors!”
My Town Tutors started in Hanover, Massachusetts and currently lists 225+ teachers who tutor. Parents on the South Shore now have an outstanding resource when they are looking for local tutors. We can field the majority of tutoring requests for all grade levels.
Our challenge now is to reach as many teachers and parents in the other areas of Massachusetts. We are using several different methods. This post will explain how we are using the ABC method to reach every high school in Massachusetts before the start of the 2012-2013 school year.
It’s as Easy as ABC
We have a listing of all the Massachusetts High Schools. In addition to contacting teachers, parents, and administrators by athletic leagues, we will be contacting 4 people in each school starting with all the “A” high schools.
We will contact:
1. A Math Teacher – Many parents and students are interested in having math tutoring. One math teacher per school will be contacted with a note and a few business cards. We are asking these teachers to share the note with other educators.
Tutoring is a great way for teachers to make extra money. It only costs a teacher $12 to be listed as a tutor for over 2 years (until September 2014). The teacher keeps all other fees. If they decide to charge $75 an hour, they keep all $75 dollars. There are no hidden fees.
The membership is from now until September 30, 2014, a very low cost to have the ability of making $50 – $200 a week.
2. A High School Principal – We feel our service can benefit an entire school community. Higher grades and SAT scores can be a great reflection on a school system. Confident and motivated students have less behavior issues and more self-esteem.
A principal also has the ability to share information with an entire school district. A principal communicates with parents, students, teachers, guidance counselors, and so many other members of a school community. We are asking the principals to simply share a letter and article with their school community.
3. A High School Guidance Counselor – As a veteran educator, I know how challenging it is to find qualified tutors. My Town Tutors has solved this problem. We only list teachers who tutor. Teachers from other schools who live in a town can be a great resource.
We are asking guidance counselors to post a flier in their office to share information with parents and students. We also would encourage them to list our service on the school guidance page. Guidance counselors have extremely challenging jobs. Eliminate the time spent looking for tutors can free up time for them to spend on the so many other tasks of a guidance counselor.
4. The High School PTO – Parents have the most important job in America. My Town Tutors values the time and effort that our parents commit to their children. Teaching morals, values and work ethic are best taught at home.
But …… Physics?… Chemistry?… Calculus?… Geometry?… French? This is beyond the abilities of so many parents. The goal of My Town Tutors is to provide parents with a great resource to find a qualified local teacher who tutors.
We have just started to send out letters to all the “A” schools. Please understand, My Town Tutors is committed to being the #1 resource for tutoring in Massachusetts. We are very well-established on the South Shore. In Abington, we currently list 83 tutors within 15 miles of 02351.
Even though we currently do not yet list any tutors in that Athol, we hope with our direct mailings, to be able to some great tutoring options for Athol parents.
We ask that teachers have faith in our service and sign-up. It only takes one teacher to start us off. We are committed to teachers and parents. Please have a little faith and patience as we work to be the best resource for parents and teachers who are interested in finding a tutor.
If you are teacher or parent, please help share this information with others.