My Town Tutors is a great resource for Atlantic Coast League schools. The schools in this league are like so many others in Southeastern Massachusetts. There are many great coaches, teachers, and student-athletes .
My Town Tutors helps parents and students in these communities find teachers who tutor. My Town Tutors started in Hanover, MA (02339). We are sending letters to each school in the state to make teachers aware of this great opportunity. This week we sent letters to 5 teachers in each of the schools. We are hoping to list many more teachers who tutor in these communities.
We believe Massachusetts “Teachers are great tutors!”
Schools (tutors in the area)
Marshfield High School (59 tutors)
Plymouth South High School (12 tutors)
Plymouth North High School (12 tutors)
Nauset Regional High School (0 tutors)
Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School (2 tutors)
Falmouth High School (5 tutors)
Sandwich High School (8 tutors)
Our goal is to be able to handle every tutoring request from a parent. If we cannot meet a specific request, please contact us and we will recruit a teacher to meet your needs.
We want to be the #1 resource for Atlantic Coast League parents looking for tutors. Please help us spread the word!
If you are teacher in the area, we are always looking for qualified tutors. Register now. The cost is $12 to be listed until September 31, 2014. That is the ONLY cost. A teacher sets the hourly fee and keeps 100% of it.