My Town Tutors started using google analytics in October 2011. We are using this great toll to help us reach our goal of being to be the number #1 resource in the country for parents looking for tutors. We believe “teachers are great tutors!”
We currently list 250+ teachers who tutor, mostly from Massachusetts. Help us reach our goal of listing over 500 teachers who tutor before the end of the summer. Please connect with us on our individual state twitter accounts. Learn how a $12 investment could make a teacher who tutors an extra $5,000 during a school year.
We need the help of teachers and parents to make our goal of being the #1 tutoring resource in America a reality! Please share My Town Tutors with other teachers and parents!
Current Totals               7,116 Visits                    49 States
Visitor by month
Months                           Visits                 States
October 2011                  102                    1 state
November 2011              443                    23 states
December 2011              667                    23 states
January 2012                  851                    41 states
February 2012                701                    44 states
March 2012                     1,096                 48 states
April 2012                       796                     47 states
May 2012                       1,153                   47 states
June 2012                       1,634                   47 states