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The following is a student worksheet for a great learning activity called Mission US: For Crown or Glory?
The following is shared with the students through
Mission US: For Crown or Glory? is an interactive learning activity that we will be completing in class. It is an activity that will teach you about the colonial period. Follow the directions below and complete the activities in the order outlined.
1. Register an account: It might be best to use your school ID.
2. Read the page: What is Mission US?
3. Complete the “Think Fast About the Past!” Please READ the explanation of the answer so you have a better understanding of the term, event, person, or historical significance.
4. Meet the Characters ( Create a google.doc titled “US Mission Characters” and list each person with a brief description of their background. Once you have finished, call the teacher to your computer (10 points)
Click on the people to hear the voices and what they have to say.
5. Play the Game Mission 1 “For Crown or Colony? For each image that you see, click on ALL the clickable images to learn about each. For example, the prologue, the slide Uxbridge 1770, the Wheeler Farm has images and information of the barn, the chickencoop, your house, water well, and mile marker.
6. SMARTWORDS – Be sure to click on, collect, and READ the SMARTWORDS. This will help you score well on the Smartword Challenge at the end of the activity.
7. IMAGES – On each page with images, be sure to click on each one to learn about the item.
8. Mr. Edes’ Smartword Challenge: This is a test of the vocabulary in US Mission 1: Crown or Colony. Hopefully you score well. After you complete the quiz, show the teacher your computer screen to receive credit.
9. Penny Whistle Hero Challenge (HALL OF FAME OPPORTUNITY) – At the end of the session, each student should enter his / her score in the google.doc that is shared with you. (Honor the or suffer point deductions!!!!)
You should get your OWN LINE, enter your score, and GET OUT!!!!!! Loiterers will be punished.
10. Reflection: Journal of Nat Wheeler – Write about the experiences of being an apprentice in Boston during the days leading up to Revolution. What challenges did you face? What were the factors you considered when making decisions? What were the most difficult challenges you faced?
11. Letter to the Principal / Department Head – The US Mission 1 is a non-traditional learning activity. I really enjoyed preparing for it, and feel it was very productive, however you are the learners. Describe your experience. Mr. Department Head (or Mr. Principal) is my boss. I would like you to write him a letter about this learning activity. In your letter you need to:

  • Introduce yourself (First Name, Last Initial)
  • Explain the activity: What were you required to do? (Define characters, Pennywhistle, playing the game, etc.)
  • Reflect on the benefits of the assignments: Was the activity worthwhile for a high school student? What did you like most about the activity? What did you learn about the days leading up to the Boston Massacre? Describe the different groups and their beliefs and actions.

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