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Math class is traditionally a boring subject for students and many of the teachers are under equipped to meet the technological needs of 21st century learners.

A Simple Equation: Appropriate Tech + Well Trained Tutors/Teachers = Engaged & Excited Students which leads to more qualified people for a growing tech industry.
Right? …
Well, mostly. You see, professional development training Math teachers is just one method has has been found effective to raise the standards for Math education excellence. Other research has shown that private tutoring can get students back on track and really engaged in Mathematics.
Why Private Tutoring?
Math causes so many students to freeze up and become “squares” because it is traditionally taught in really dry ways. What student loves solving problems over and over again? However tutors can bring another level of comfort and personalization to the student allowing them to open up and really understand the material. Tutors can create personalized lessons (like pictured above) where students engage in real world mathematics. In the small class above teachers had students find patterned cloths, then calculate the angles, lengths and hypotenuse of triangles. They also had them identify shapes.
I encourage all of you to look into tutoring as a way to raise the standards in Mathematics education as well as encourage students to find the fun in such a vital subject.
Chris Burley – writing as a guest blogger fromĀ Krause Center for Innovation