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365 SEO Tips for Small Business

Craig has created a great blog with a growing number of Social Media Tips to help twitter accounts attract a high number of quality followers that are interested in your specific content.
We are excited to work with one Massachusetts website to help them achieve social media success! Any company can follow these simple steps. Read the blog for simple advice on how to master social media to take your business to the next level.
Read the following blogs to check the progress! Also check out our interview with our Mystery Account: Interview with a Rookie Tweeter!

  1. Massachusetts Social Media Makeover Mystery: Who is it? Time will tell!
  2. 5 Questions for Social Media Users: Before you start to use social media, a company needs to answer these 5 important questions. Once these are answered, a social media strategy can be created to best serve the company!
  3. Use Hubspot’s Marketing Grader: establish a baseline and follow the recommendations from the best in Social Media!
  4. Define Your #1 Goal! Keep it Simple, Stupid!: What do you hope to accomplish, make money, share information, support a charity… whatever your #1 goal is, remember what it is, NEVER FORGET IT, and create your social media strategy around it.
  5. Define Your Audience: Who are your followers and what do they want to hear? Share tweets that are interest to your targeted audience and you will soon collect followers quickly. Other will retweet your information and people will look to you as a thought leader in your area of expertise!
  6. Use Google Docs to share ideas, tweets, guest blogs, blogs, and sponsors. Googe Drive has been essential and critical to our Social Media Strategy. We could not live without it!
  7. Write Mission Tweets: This should be a very simple process. What is the mission of your company? What service do you provide? What problems do you solve?
  8. Unfollow Everyone: When we started our mystery company had a horrible twitter ratio a 30:1 following to followers. It is a great strategy to start over and re-create your twitter account and philosophy!
  9. Content is King! It is critical to share information that is useful to your followers. Work hard to provide current resources your followers can use!
  10. Social Media Makeover: Be Selective About Who to Follow: It is critical to make connections, on twitter, but it is also critical to make the right connections.
  11. Follow the Best! A very simple idea, connect with the top accounts and experts in your field and area. These are the top accounts in the Boston, Massachusetts area.
  12. Learn from Mistakes! Start-ups will make mistakes, and many of them, so learn and learn quickly!
  13. EXTREME TWITTER TIP: Don’t Follow Anyone! Here are a few accounts that do not follow anyone, but have a tremendous following. We do not recommend this for most accounts.
  14. “Say Hello to My Little Friend! Simple Tips on how to greet new followers!
  15. Keep it (tweets) Simple Stupid! Keep you tweets simple and interesting to your target audience. It is not rocket science!
  16. Be a Publisher with! Create an on-line newspaper that will share automated tweets and great content which is created by your followers. Once you spend the 30 -45 minutes to register, you do not have to do any work. It is awesome!
  17. Social Media Makeover: Twuffer & Time Management! Schedule tweets keeps you account active for 24/7/365. Continue to share great content by scheduling you tweets a week, month, year in advance.

To learn more read the following posts.

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