Physics teachers are very special individuals. They have a passion for a topic and class that most adults look back on with disdain.
If you are like me, physics was one of the most challenging classes of my educational  experience. I struggled with problems every night and was so nervous before every test. I had friends who helped with my studies, but I probably could have benefited from a tutor.
The goal of My Town Tutors is to provide parents and students with qualified teachers who tutor. We are very fortunate to have number of qualified physics teachers who tutor on the South Shore. Currently, we list three Physics tutors from three different schools. If you need a Physics tutor on the South Shore, we have some great options.
Dr. Anthony DeFranzo, Hanover High School. Dr. D as he is affectionately know in the halls of Hanover High is an extremely motivated teacher who has the ability to reach students of all different learning abilities. He has been teaching Honors and AP physics for longer than he can remember.
Dr. DeFranzo is an ideal tutor for the Rockland, Abington, and Norwell area.
Ms. Rebecca Roy, Holbrook High School. Rebecca was one of our most popular tutors last year. She has tutored high school and college students from the Quincy and Braintree areas.  She has an undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The feedback from the parents and students who have worked with her has been tremendous.
Ms. Roy would be a great resource for students in Quincy, Braintree, Avon, Holbrook and Weymouth.
Mr. Kenneth Magno, Marshfield High School. Mr. Magno has been teaching Physics at Marshfield High School for the past several years. He has taught AP Physics C: Mechanics (Calculus-Based), Honors Physics, and College Prep Physics. Mr. Magno has worked with students on most math courses from K-8 through Calculus. In addition to his teaching duties, he is the advisor for the MHS FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team.
Mr. Magno could help students in Hanover, Scituate, Plymouth, Duxbury, and Marshfield.
These three Physics teachers make My Town Tutors a great resource for parents, students, and guidance counselors on the South Shore. We currently list over 230 teachers who tutor in Massachusetts. We are currently using twitter and direct mailings to contact schools and PTOs.
Please visit My Town Tutors and share this information with other teachers and parents in your area.
Teachers who tutor can be listed with My Town Tutors until September 30, 2014 for only $12. We list over 230 teachers in Massachusetts and welcome teachers from all 50 states.